Safety Protocol for The Lumberjack in Response to Covid-19

Standards for Guests of The Lumberjack:

● We ask any guest who is feeling unwell in any way to stay at home;
● Vulnerable or immunocompromised guests are encouraged to stay safe at home;
● The bar areas, tables, chairs/stools and axes will be fully sanitized between guests;
● We will work to keep our bar area seating 6’ from bartending staff and other patrons;
● Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized hourly, as well as sanitizing all door handles and/or push areas on all doors;
● Guests are encouraged to wear face coverings for their protection;
● There are eight additional hand sanitation stations throughout;
● Food will be served in baskets with disposable liners, and on trays. Food must be consumed outside the axe throwing are;
● Guests must pre-sign their waivers online using your own device, to avoid touching our shared devices;
● Receipts will feature a QR code for payment via phone to offer touchless payments. Please ask your server or bartender for details;
● Additional barriers have been installed between axe throwing pits;
● All axe throwing lanes have 6 feet of separation in accordance with social distancing rules;
● The Lumberjack will not combine separate groups/parties within the same throwing pit;
● Please allow staff members the time that it will take between bookings, to fully sanitize all axe handles, equipment and tools. This will include the tables and stools in the lanes; All axe handles, equipment, and tools will be sanitized between guest bookings.
● All seating follows the 6 feet social distancing rules in the bar and lounge area;
● Drinks and food will be served in a way to ensure minimal contact between staff and guests, and to ensure that there is no staff contact with our guests’consumption surfaces; the base of the glassware and bottom of the trays so there is no contact with consumption surfaces.
● We recommend that guests look at our food menu on your device, or we will offer disposable paper menus for one time use;
● Guests can view our full drink menu above the bar for easy ordering.

Standards for The Lumberjack staff:

● We will use thermal scanners for all staff members at the start of their shift to ensure a normal body temperature;
● Any staff member with any symptoms of illness will not be allowed to work;
● Masks will be worn by all members of The Lumberjack staff;
● Additional hand washing and cleaning protocols will be enforced for our dailyoperations.
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